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Thread: Handling problem

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    Handling problem

    the past few months from time to time when i try reaching in my ball pythons tank to pick him up he turns around quickly moving his head at me fast as if to bite i pull my hand out quickly and his head keeps going like he was trying to bite but his mouth doesnt open making me not wanna keep sticking my hand in there..hes 3 feet long and he bit me once at around 1foot and that bled and i dont wanna know what 3feet will do i suspect its cause around 5 or 6 months ago i started feeding him in his tank do to lack of boxes to feed him in what should i do?

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    would wearing a long sleeve shirt and gloves for the next few pick ups to let him know biting is bad a good idea? or could that plant the idea you dont bite the thing with gloves but when theres no gloves you bite it? i dont wanna make the situation worse

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    He could just be flinching or letting you know that he doesnt want to be bothered, or you could just be startling him. Since you said its not an open mouth strike its probbaly not related to a feeding response, although it could be that he's looking to see if you have food for him. How are you going to grab him? Does he have the same body position as when you feed him? You can get leather gloves to wear while taking him out, you can get a rubbermaid container to feed him in to see if that helps after awhile, you can get a snakehook and use that to lift him out of the cage; there are several ways to condition the snake to know when food is comming and when its time to come out.
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    well when i tried about 20 mins ago i lifted his plastic hiding box up off him he was curled up like normal head in the middle i reached around reached under him a little and as i lifted is when he quickly turned around i have a snake hook when i touched him with it he turned at it like he did my hand and was S'd up in striking position after that so i left him alone

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    I had the same problem with mine a few months ago...he was about 3 1/2 feet and he did the same thing yours is doing. i eventually got sick of it and just let him hit my hand to see what he did and he hit my hand and then bit...but he hasant done it since.

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    I would just wear gloves while you handle him so you dont have to worry about being bite intill he calms down. Good luck

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    ive been wondering the same thing, now would wearing gloves be any different to him, because he cant sense your body heat through the gloves, and then one day you try without gloves he senses the heat, would that tempt him to strike?

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    I don't know. I would just keep handling him. I have a JCP that I used to wear gloves with because he bit but now I don't have to.
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    i tried the gloves on him went fine took them off after a few mins of holding he never attempted a strike he must think my hands a rat so no more feeding in the tank

    I shouldent be worried about getting bit i know its gonna happen again

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    Why not use a snake hook to lift him out of the cage? I do that with some of my snakes, it teaches them that the hook means its time to come out.
    The last temptation is the greatest treason:
    to do the right deed for the wrong reason.

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