what do mites look like?

Thread: what do mites look like?

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  1. landofthelost said:

    what do mites look like?

    i was told mites look like pepper flecks. is that correct?? when they come off in water what do they look like? thanks
  2. DaemoNox's Avatar

    DaemoNox said:
    Yes, they look like pepper flakes. You can also see them sometimes if your rub your hands all over the snake, they often will come off onto your hand. Another way of checking is by putting him on paper towel substate for a few days as they show up well on that.
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  3. SaturnoAscensao's Avatar

    SaturnoAscensao said:
    With severe mite infestations you can look between the scales and areas around the eyes for groups of mites. Before I got my green tree python, it had a severe mite infection which took quite a while to take care of... I thought it wasn't going to make it. There were tons of mites inbetween its scales, in its eyes, thermal pits, nostrils, everywhere. When they come off in water they float to the edges of the water bowl; you might find them there.
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  4. ReptileMan27's Avatar

    ReptileMan27 said:
    They look alot like pepper and if its bad you will see them all over the cage and they rub off on your hands when handeling the snake. If you have mites you need to get some stuff to treat it like mite away and theres a bunch of others. The tank should be cleaned out real good to remove all mites in the cage.
  5. fionak's Avatar

    fionak said:
    Mites look like a full stop and are about the same size except they move.


    When they've fed on your snake they engorge with your snake's blood and look like this


    with legs. Horrid things.
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  6. landofthelost said:
    i was just checking because someone suggested the reason that my ball is soaking so much is because he ahs mites, but nothing in his wateras of yesterday and no other signs. yeah
  7. liljon140 said:
    May also be going into shed but normally ball dont soak much unless inproper humidity or mites. you may want to treat the tank for mites and check your temps and humidity with the weather changing outside you temps and humidity in your encousers will also change a slight bit.
  8. chico5 said:
    Snakes will soak alot when they have mites. I just posted a reply about mites on the boa constrictor forum. You can check it out, has some info on them.