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30qt RUB; which heat pad?

First off, is a 30qt rubermaid good enough for an adult BP, if so, what would be an appropriate size for a heat pad?
30qt= 22.8" x 16.7" x 7"

Thank You
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    • I think the 41qt tubs work better. I try not to put a true adult BP in anything much less than 36" in length. I don't know what you mean by 'which' heat pad though. Do you mean flexwatt, an UTH, or an actual heating pad? Whatever it is, just make sure you have the heating spot right and that it's not a fire hazard...
      • Actually I meant to specify the specific size for the pad, which I learned should take 1/3 of the tank or tub.

        As for the tub size, for a male 28-32 qts is fine and the 41qt works best for females for they are much bigger.

        Ball pythons prefer tight enclosures.
        • to a certain point...that's pretty tiny for an animal that big to live in. If the appropriate hides and security are offered, your snake will feel more than secure enough, but still be able to cruise around a bit when it wants to. I'd go for the 41qt.
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