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American alligator

Hey guys. Geronimo, our gator at work is amazing. I know i have said this exact same things before about a tegu and an iggy

but this one i'm really serious about.

As i was saying, hes amazing, and i really love him. I honestly love him.

I would love to get a gator if they stayed the same size as Geronimo is, (about 1.5-2ft) Hes a little sweetheart. I know i cannot get a gator for my own, and i wouldn't if i could. But i want to won for a bit to experience gators first hand. so tomorrow when i go to the store to get my feeders, im going to ask mike, if i can have his littel gator which is 8-10 inches for acouple weeks to epxierence him, then give him back. I know how to care for him, and i know how to handle gators, i know everything i need to know, exept 1 thing.

Geronimo gets a large mouse every 2 days, and its fine for his metabolism.

Would the feeding schedule be the same? every 2 days?
or does he need to be fed every day or every other day because hes smaller and growing more?

he will most likely be fed on either pinkies or fuzzies, and maybe some small smelts and possible some crickets, even though they wont really do anything.

And also, does anyone have any specific tips or pointers that i should know.

I have been working with gators for about 2 years now, so i know everything thing basicaly there is to know about the care and handling of gators up to about 5 feet.

I'll post an update tomorrow if mike lends him to me, hope he does. with some pictures of him and his setup

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    • bump, c'mon some feedback would help.
      • havent read any further than this so if u dont have the gator anymore sorry. Cool you have a gator. living in Louisiana ive had a few under 3 foot :). putting them outside in a mesh cage at that age is a bad idea unless you cover the top. they will and can climb up fence or mesh in the corners and get out :). ask me how i know lol. i miss that little gator.

        Dont be lazy and read the whole thing ;)

        I still have him, and hopeflly for much longer. Hes a joy to have around and is amusing come feeding time. Also, at night hes quite interestng to just sit and watch

        I figured i would have had to put somthing on top, these guys are tricky little buggers :)

        also, they can dig to, so any mesh i will put up would be minimum 2 feet below the ground.

        I wish i could keep him for his whole life. hes a pretty cool little guy :)

        and varanus your old guys looks pretty good. I like that last picture
        • Thanks herpboy, if they stayed small (under 4ft) I'd love to keep an A. Alligator or better yet a Nile Croc. If.. If.. If.

          What are the laws up in Canada regarding Alligators?
          • i tried to look for my city bilaws on the niagara falls website, and there are no bilaws shown on Reptiles.

            So im guessing everythings legal.
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