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American Bullfrog Enclosure

Well, I have decided to get some American bullfrogs this spring, mostly for our stock ponds, but also to keep inside. So I am building a big enclosure. It's 8 feet long by four foot wide. I was driving home one day a while back and saw this thing setting on the side of the road, and was going to bring it home for a monitor watering hole, but have since changed my mind.

It is five foot by three foot and almost a foot deep. We cut a hole into the center of it and put in a drain with an exterior valve to drain it when needed, or like my monitors, I could always use the shop vac, but I think the drain will be fine, we already tested how well it drains water and soil. It did very well. The front will have a solid peice of glass along the front where you see the opening. I got the glass at the Habitat for Humanity Restore, which is just a place that sells odds and ends, used windows, doors, gutters, appliances and all kinds of stuff and the money goes to Habitat for Humanity. Anyhow, the glass is longer than I am tall, and was only 8 bucks. So I got two of them since that's what they had. The top will have a hinged lid thats stretches almost the entire length of the enclosure so I can reach in and clean the glass and whatever else I need to do. The end has a door that I can fit through if need be (hopefully the kids or wife will use it, not me). It will have 12 square foot of land on one end near the door for dirt, rocks, plants, etc.

Here's a few pictures of how it looks thus far. I will post more pictures after it is finished.

Drain pipe and valve installed......

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