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baby alligator

hello everyone i was asked recently about adopting a baby alligator and am thinking about taking it in or else he might be put down im not sure. im just not 100% sure if i will be able to keep him forever but i dont want to see him killed either you know what i mean? please let me know your thoughts on this. thank you
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    • Keep in mind what will happen with it as an adult. That baby alligator won't be a baby for long. Would you be able to house an adult alligator? Feed it and maintain it's living quarters? What would you have to do with it if you couldn't do these things. Local laws are also something to check. I know PA is pretty lenient, not sure on local laws though...

      I'm not saying do or don't take it... But if you end up having an animal you can't properly care for through out it's life, would you really be helping?

      • I don't know about where you live, but here in SC we have a local serpentarium that takes in reptiles but is pretty well known for the alligators it has. They are huge. I don't know their contact info but maybe if it came down to it, they would take him if you brought him down. My friend donated her 4 turtles and they now have a huge natural-like habitat with other turtles. They are only open like 4 months out of the year (to the public) and she goes every year to visit her old companions. Good luck with the gator.
        • pretty sure this guy abandoned the thread. Too bad
          • Man that stinks I didnt get to this thread a long time ago!!! I'll say it anyways in case anyone else ever runs into this problem. I have a baby American Alligator and absolutely love her! What a great animal to have in my collection. I will say this though. I did worry about all the same things that everyone does when considering owning an alligator but after doing my research among breeders and suppliers I found that Nature Coast Exotics offer a home to any pet gator if and when it becomes too much to handle. All you have to do is pay to have it shipped down to them in Florida and they will introduce it to their farm of gators. It might even be used in their breeding program. But they are very accepting and will never put a gator down for any reason other than health problems. So if you are ever needing a new permanent home for your gator please look them up and they will take care of you. Very friendly and awesome group of people that I highly recommend to anybody. Good luck!
          • Almost every reptile and amphibians grow to there habitat. We have had him for ten years and is just barely three foot long. He seems very happy with his set up too. They love have lots of water and sun basking.
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