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blue tail skink size and dry skin


I have had a blue tailed skink for about a year now. he is roughly 5 to 6 inches long.

He lives in a 50 gal aquarium, with potting soil (organic kind), with a warm and cold side, with things like logs on both sides. The hot side stays between 88-90 deg F, the cool side stays between 75-77 deg F.

I am concerned about 2 things. His skin in the last month has become "dry looking". In the past it's always looked shiny and wet like a snake. I was thinking this morning that I might need to keep the soil more moist/wet.

he also got "fat" during the winter, I wasn't too worried, but now that it's summer time he hasn't lost that "fat". Therefore I cut back on his food a little and am starting to see a slow change, he's slimming down just a bit. How many crickets would you advise feeding a 5-6 skink on a weekly basis? In the past I've put 5-7 a week in there, 2 at a time every other day or so.

I can upload a pic of him if you would to see the dryness.
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