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BTS not eating

I got my BTS on Saturday, last week. I've tried offering food, first time was a 50-50 of collard greens and earth worms and like half a raspberry, absolutely no interest. This was on Thursday. Today, I tried something different, I did dandelion greens, chicken/vegetable/rice mix of that fresh, refrigerated dog food stuff. I figured other lizards and whatnot always love dandelions when they run around in the yard, so I got the greens. And I thought the dog food would be nice and smelly. I added a -small- amount of basil, as I was told that could kick start their appetite. No interest, though. He's spending his entire time hiding in the substrate.

Basking spot is 97, give or take. Cool end is 71

Humidity is N/A, i was just told to put in a big water dish and he'd be fine.

He's in a 4'x2' cage.

Aspen is the bedding.
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