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BTS questions

I plan to get a BTS once I'm confident with the information I have, I am depending mainly on http://bluetongueskinks.net/care.htm, I find it reliable due to the sheer detail, what do you guys think?

my first question: (I'm sure I'll think of more, later on.) Would it be a bad idea to take it out of the cage and set it on the floor or something for every feeding, instead of just placing a dish in their cage? Would they connect being picked up with being fed? Would it over stress them?

Second question: I heard with B&W tegu's if you wanted them to stay tamed, to not feed them live food (Insects, roaches, whatnot.) and to just feed USDA grade meat. Would this be the same with these guys? Or would he be okay with frequent roaches?

I also see no clear rules to cage size. I have a 4'L x 2'W x 2'H wooden cage, would this be a bad idea, for the humidity? (As quoted in earlier mentioned website. "We recommend anywhere between 25 & 40%")
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