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desert dragons

i have recently bought a baby desert dragon and i was wonderinging how often i should feed her
thanks adam
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    • Hi Adam,

      Welcome to the forum:)

      Did you not research about the care of your dragon before you bought it? If you are referring to a bearded dragon it should be being fed 2-3 times per day as a hatchling.. let us know what lizard you are referring to. The people on this forum are great and there is always someone who can help:)
      • hi
        it is not a bearded dragon but a desert dragon, i dont have any pics at the moment but i will post some as soon as i can.
        it was the first timje the shop had bred desert dragons so they were unsure how often to feed them, they sugested every 2-5 days so i was wondering if anyone knew more spesificly.
        • I've not personally heard of a desert dragon, pics would be helpful if you can get some then we possibly give you better advice:)

          Lizards in general need feeding every day, especially when young.. there are some lizards that need feeding less often when older but I would say for now, until we definately know what it is, to feed every day. It is unhealthy to overfeed an animal but underfeeding is much worse.
          Try get those pics up:)
          • Tyas, it does sound like a bearded dragon, but until we know what it is we cant really advise to care for it the same way as something else.. on the chance that it may not be a bearded dragon. This could be harmful as some lizards are herbivorous, some carnivorous, some omnivorous.. different lizards require different housing requirements.. etc..
            • hi
              im trying to put a pic up but it is too big
              • some shops sell helmeted iguanas as desert dragons, im going to guess thats what it is.

                this is a helmeted iguana care sheet if thats what it is.


                you can make an image smaller by croping or making it smaller with some programs, you can probably find one on www.download.com.
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