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Dirty Mouth

So I tried using a substrate a little more pleasing to the eye than newspaper. I got these bricks of Eco-Earth. They are biodegradable and it just looks like dirt. Anyways, I fed my retic tonight one of her rats and she got a good helping of this dirt in her mouth (lesson learned). I put some newspaper in the cage and fed her the second rat on that. My problem is that she has a mouthfull of dirt. I dont wanna aggravate her right now as she has just eaten and likely to take my hand off or vomit, niether of which I desire.
Is my only option to wait a day or so and manually remove this dirt... this does not make me feel real comfortable or you guys think it would be allright to let it run its course ? The Eco-Earth shouldnt hurt her Im just sure its not real comfortable in her mouth like that. I hope she goes and gets some water to maybe wash it down. I know this is bound to happen in the wild at some time and it doesnt hurt the wild snakes and that dirt is not as friendly as this stuff.
Not looking forward to sticking my fingers in her mouth. If I have to do this.. any of you have any ideas how to go about it ?

Next time im using a lid off a plastic tote to feed her on.
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