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Fire Belly Newt-help please...

Ok, i bought 2 fire belly newts(chinese) about 3 months ago. One of them was seriously diseased and i had him put down after it spread. The other newt has eaten only twice that I have seen, I notice he tries or does eat the moss in his cage. I have him in a 10 gallon tank, for two month i had about 4 inches of water on the bottom and he would never ever enter. So i now have(by recommendation of petco) him with a bowl of water, and coconut fiber on the bottom. He is more active and has eaten once more since then. He like to just lay most of the time. Anyways i know they are supposed to be in cooler temps, however my house is so cold that he is ice cold to the touch and very lethargic. He is so cold. SO now i bought a heat lamp, i also know i have read that is NOT a good idea, however he is so cold that he cannot survive in this. It is probably in low 50's, it wont even register on the therm. I need to know what else I can do, i do not leave the heat lamp on constantly, just enough to warm it at night. I need to know what else i can do, because i keep trying everthing im told and nothing is working. He doesnt seem stressed, and he is not diseased like the other was, i just dont know what to give him to eat, and how his tank should be. This way seems to be the best, because he is more interested in food...so i need to know if this is ok to keep him in or not. I also keep the humidity up, and mist him quite often.
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