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Got a 50 Gallon Tank, need advice.

I got a 50 gal. tank currently stocked with green anoles, the set-up gots a basking light, Uv light (w/ reptisun 10.0) its got a 2 1/2" layer of organic potting soil. Anyways are there any 'Land' turtles that would be happy in a 50 gal. tank? Also im looking for something that isnt gonna be really expensive, (cause ive seen some turtles at petstores,that are REALLY expensive)...Anyways can any help me out? Thanks in advance :)
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    • I truly can not think of anything that would fit into your tanks layout and with the animals that are already in there.

      I used to keep white tree frogs with my anoles back when I had a 55. I never had a problem But that might have just been my luck none of my frogs were big enough to eat the anoles.

      In the day
      My dumpys stayed on the ground and the anoles stayed up in the vines.

      In the Night
      The anoles went to the middle/bottom to sleep and the frogs moved up to the top.
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