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green anoles-HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my green anole burnt his feet on a heat rock so i took it out.
then his toes fell off. in dosent hurt him any more but what do i do do they grow back??????????????
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    • I dont think so. How many fell off? :(
      • he lost all his front toes (i think im gonna cry)
        • Hi,

          Welcome to the forum.

          I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune - the anole should be ok with missing toes. Just be more careful next time - hot rocks are not safe for use with reptiles (or any other animal i can think of actually).. they are dangerous items that shouldn't be sold.
          • I got a nother anole yesterday (that makes 17 pets:) ) and I was thinking of getting it a heat rock but now I wont, if you use a heat pad (and if its on the bottom) put a rock aginst the glass and then but the substrait in and it will act like a safe heat rock.
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