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Green Vine Snake -Questions for current owners.

Its a pleasure to join your community.
I posted this in the Venomous Snakes forum but thought I might add it here just in case. The practice of posting the same question/comment on multiple forums is a matter on which I have yet to find a policy. Anyway, here it is...and thanks for reading.

Before anyone directs me to links on this subject, I would like to say that I have done my research but what I seek is dialog with people who have had direct experience with this topic.

Before purchasing one, I am currently trying to get info and advice regarding the behavior, and any oddities, of the Green Vine Snake (Ahaetulla nasuta).

I have read quite a bit but would like first hand accounts and advice as to their temperament and common behaviors.

I currently have a Mangrove which is similar in that both are RF, Arboreal, agile, and possess outstanding eyesight, depth processing, and strike-distance.

The similarities may end there...which is why I welcome all advice and direction from you guys and gals.

Thanks for your time and assistance.
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