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Heating Woes :c

I've been having heating problems with my tank (housing a younger iguana).

I have one heat lamp (100watt), aimed to the right corner of the tank where his branch sits highest, roughly a foot from the lamp. I can't seem to get the basking spot "Hot enough", yet the heat lamp seems to of made the entire cage rise in temperature.

I'm made to believe the "cool side" of the cage is to sit around 70-75 degrees. 80 at the highest. While his basking spot is supposed to sit at 90-95.
Now it may be a cage size problem (ROUGH: 1'x3'x1.5'), but it's causing a problem, the entire cage is resting at an average of 84 degrees :l and I don't think this is in anyway good for him.

With the days getting cooler, his basking area is resting at roughly 87-91 degrees while the "Cool side" is only lowering around 82-86. Which is much better from last weeks "still-wants-to-be-summer-weather" when his basking area scared me when it peaked at 99 degrees!

I have a bigger cage in the ready, nearly twice the size of the cage (something along the lines of 2'x4'x2.5'), which I'm hoping SHOULD solve the problem of the cool side being too hot, but I'm worried it'll worsen the basking spot being too cold.

How in the world can I go about fixing this, maybe a substrate heater? I'm not sure.
Any suggestions are much-MUCH appreciated!

tl;dr: Cage sizing vs heat lamp. Cage to hot as a whole, too cool at the basking spot. What do?
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