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Hello from Arizona

hello my user is KigerQueen (Kiger is a breed of horse). i'm an 18 year old women, but i can still be childish. I live in phoenix Arizona and i have always loved reptiles. I currently live at home with parents and I'm planning on going to community collage next fall. i have a 13 year old mutt named snoot, 4 cats (1 is mine) that were all were rescued one way or another. 1 black widow, several snails, a breeding colony of meal-worms, a frog and my plateau striped whiptail lizard, named Draco. One interesting thing about Draco, which she recently proved, is that they reproduce A sexually (they don't need males). I found her in a school i was volunteering at, when i almost sucked her up with the vacuum lol. She was thin so a brought her home. That was about a year ago.
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