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how to get into keeping hots?

i would like to start keeping some hots in the next few years. how would you reccomend getting into keeping them? how do i learn how to handle them?
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    • Wow.. hots huh ? Ive assumed you have previous reptile exp. Id do as much research as possible on the species you are wanting to keep. I once read the most deadly snake in the world is the one that just bit you. Hot keeping is not for the novice. Not trying to talk you out of it just stating this is not something to go into lightly just to get some "oohs and ahhhs" from your friends.
      If you want some animals to get you acclimated Id suggest getting a northern water snake and some amazon tree boas. Maybe even a baby/juvie WC retic. Take note on each time you get bit and at the end of the year look back and realize each notch where you got bitten is $30,000 in the hospital and thats if you live.
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