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Humane ways to kill mice/rats

What are some of the humane methods of killing mice/rats, I have heard CO2 but that seems like a lot of work. Any other ways?
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    • I've heard that if you put your rats/mice in the freezer, their body slowly shuts down into some type of hibernation. I always buy bulk from RodentPro.com, so I never have to worry about killing my snakes prey.
    • I have a easy humane way to kill rats and mice. I took a large wide mouth plastic jug i'm guessing about 2 gallons. I drilled two holes in the lid one about 1/2 inch and one about 1/8 inch.in the large hole I inserted that clear tubing that ace hardware stores sell by the foot, that reachs to the bottom of the jug and maybe a foot and a half sticking out. I got one of my sons old paint ball co2 cylinders and attached a short piece of the tubing to the co2 tank if you use the right size tubing it screws on nicely.then I bought from ace hardware again a tubing connector to connet to the tubing sticking out of the plastic jug. Put the rats mice in the jug.Mine can handle a very large number of mice and around six or seven large rats. i then put a piece of duck tape over the small hole in the lid. first I bend the tape back to expose the small hole then I slowly turn on the co2 until it just slowly flows into the jug and the oxygen flows out the small hole"if you dont open the co2 very slowly it could exploed the jug" for a few seconds takes longer for rats than mice. then I shut the co2 tank off and push the tape back over the small opening. The mice are killed almost instanly.dont know how fast the rats are killed never really timed it. I usually go away for 5 to 10 minutes and come back the rats are dead by then.
      • You can build a gas chamber out of a cooler and a chunk of dry ice. Just put a smallchunk of dry ice in a cooler under a towl or in a small jar to avoid the rodent comming in direct contact with it. Make a small vent hole in the lid to allow the pressure to equalize but keep the lid on tight so it remains sealed. As the dry ice sublimates it turns to CO2 and fills the cooler from the bottom up. Experiment with the size of the ice chunk, but you will not need much. That stuff expands exponentially when it turns back to gas. Dry ice is available at grocery stores.

        If you are going to go to that much trouble though It seems worth your while to do a large quantity at a time and freeze them yourself.

        Really though, buying frozen from a supplier is fasr more cost efective unless you need a large amount of rodents at a time - say if you are a large scale breeder. Or of course if you are one of those that only keep predatory animals because you like the killing, in which case you probly need to spend your money on therapy instead of pets.

        • 2.-get a heavy cup or bowl and put it on a hard surface then grab the mouse by the tail and lift up the cup then put the rim of the cup/bowl over the mouses neck and still hold the tail firmly and while the mouses head is under the cup yank the tail up fast and it should dislocate the mouses spinal cord and neck

          :eek: Remind me to never eat over at herps101's house! ;)
          • I like the BB's Idea. You can buy copper bb's by the way.
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