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I am going by CottonOtter.

I just got back into herpeculture after a few years of dormancy. I've never produced, and most of my expertice lies in snakes. Professionally, I have in the past cared for large boids, viperids, alligators, Various other herps, even a Gila.
I've never been one to hoard and have only ever kept as much as four animals at once privately. I don't pretend to be a master, a diletante at best.
But I recently relapsed, knowing in my heart I would always be one of those guys with a pet snake. I figured that with my experience of carpets, burms, and even a nasty little anaconda, I could handle one of the Indonesian Scrubs.
After my Moluccan Purchase fell through, I ended up with an Aru Amethystine. I would later read that Arus were considered to be of the smaller and more vicious of the scrubs.
My snake is the most fascinating I've yet seen. He's active, intelligent, beautiful, and he challenges me. I'm very glad I didn't get a Moluccan, even though it might have probably bit less.
I'm still learning the scrub, and I can always use good info. Likewise, I'm trying to record as much as I can think to. I might even get more...
I will post some photos of that most beautious snake as soon as I can figure out this iPhone. In the mean time: http://i1203.photobucket.com/albums/bb383/CottonOtter/photo-4.jpg
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