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Ideas for second boa?

I have had a columbian red tail boa for quite a while now, and have many other reptiles. I think I'm ready to get another boa, does anyone have any ideas? I want something that I can handle and that is nice to look at, at the same time.
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    • get brazilian rainbow i just got mine and he is awesome they stay rather small(at least compared to redtails) get a male so it stays smaller you can chekk out the pics of mine on the thread "my first boa" but to be honest they need a decent amount of care being that they're from the rainforest (ie humidity and heat) but i thinks its well worth a gorgeuos snake
      • I'd definately go for the rainbow boa.
        Rosy boas are alright but they are rather smallish, but they have some awesome colors!
        • Ive heard several herp nuts refer to rainbow boas as the "dobermans" of the boa world. I suppose that means they may turn on u at any second. But Ive never had personal experience with them...so I wouldnt put much stock in those claims.

          Id go with a BCA....only 2 to choose from, and each is amazing in their own way. Bolivians having thin saddles with slight widows peaks (usually) and different bloodlines have different colors. The silverback's come to mind. How would a silver boa with thin, and probably several abberant saddles sound?

          South Brazilians being great in their own way...believed to be a natural hybrid between the bolivian BCA and the brazilian BCC's...but retain the bolivians size....but the BCC's scalecount...but that's all theory.

          In any case...their tails are much redder than bolivians....but very short. More pink's and color on these as well...and they seem to have more abberancies to them...Ive never seen any 2 that looked alike.

          And neither one gets to be very large....6 feet being the very biggest of either that Ive ever heard of.
          • You should get a dumeril's boa bartholomew...
            They burrow all day long so you barely see them and when you do see em they just look like a really cool ball python.
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