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Lamp Question

Sorry for posting twice but I'm not sure where it should go if a mod wants to delete one then that's fine too.

There are a lot of lamps to choose from for heat/light for my snake. If you guys could help out with choosing or if it doesn't matter at all that would be good. I'm not sure what I should get for my young rat snake. He's small and in a 10gallon aquarium right now and he needs a heat lamp. My question is.. What kind is best, if there is a best? Should I just get a basic lamp that's cheaper and a thermostat, or a lamp with a dimmer and no thermostat (which seems a little more dangerous but I don't know really). Are some brands, like Fluker's, worse then other because their prices seem to be much lower than other brands, but I don't want to compromise safety.

Also, since rat snakes don't have any special light requirements other than a normal day/night cycle, what type of light should I get? I tried looking around but sometimes people who actually own snakes is what you need lol. Are ceramic heat emitters better or last longer because they are much more expensive than some of the lights/heat bulbs? I was thinking of getting a day/night bulb so I can still see him at night but what is a good wattage for such a small snake or would it not matter with a thermostat?

Sorry for the super-long post but I just want to be sure before I buy something faulty or dangerous for Noodles, who by the way pooped in his new home for the first time =D Good to know right? lol

Also if you guys want to post links too good products that would be great too. Thanks everyone.
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