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Yeah, it's me again :P

I've got a question about my snakes weight. When I first got her I didn't know how to feed her, and I read somewhere that you should feed smaller snakes every few days, which seemed to work since she was pretty active all the time and never really stopped moving, but then she developed scale rot and stopped roaming around as much and gained a little weight, so I cut the amount of feedings she had.

Now, I feed her once every week/week and a half. While taking her out of her tank I noticed that she's still a bit pudgy. I try not to handle her too much but when I do I normally let her slither around in my bed, and when its warm in the house I'll fill up the bath tub with lukewarm water and she seems to like swimming in it as long as its not too deep (I leave part of it empty so she can get out). shes pretty young and I don't have a male (although I did mistake her for a male in my earlier posts) so I don't think shes got eggs. What should I do to get her back at a healthy weight again if that's possible? Or should I just let her be?

I feed her night crawlers with a little bit of her calcium supplement on them, she normally eats a whole 4 inch night crawler (cut into a few pieces) but sometimes she doesn't eat the last piece, and I can't afford pinkies, they cost too much at our pet store, and I get night crawlers for free since I raise/breed them.
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