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Pacman frog won't eat (whats new?)

Hi there guys,

Sorry to do this to you knowing that there are hundreds of pac man frog not eating threads out there but I'm getting concerned.

Five weeks ago I brought my frog (Bud) and for the first week he ate. Only mealworms but he didn't have any problems. Then he stopped. It's now four weeks since he has eaten and he is still quite young.

He is an exo terra 30x30x30 tank with lots of artifical leaves. a big bowl of decholrinated water to sit in (which I change everyday) with added deinfected rock if he wants to sit on it. some moss and substrate. The temperature is always high twentys Oc or 80oF. Gets sprayed everyday with decholrinated water.

We put on a repti glo 2.0 for him and when we did he did do a big poo but since then thats the most we got out of him. We have a meat mat underneath and on the side (at the mo on the side is on). We have a sun glo bulb on him as we thought he may need extra heat.

Food wise we have tried mealworms, crickets, locusts, waxworms and pinkys. Yet, he still doesn't eat. We have tried different feeding methods such a using tongs vertically towards him of horizonatlly as well as leaving crickets over night and they are usually still there in the morning.

Any help will be muchly appreicated


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