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AND CHECK OUT THIS SITE I FOUND http://greeniguanas.towernetworks.net/
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      • Great pics! The cat in the last pic in your album looks like it could have been my cats brother or sister! =) Beautiful iggs! Your Quazi looks like my year and a half old female ig, Gus. Gus also has a regrown tail, and about the same amount. We have animals that match! lol =) One question about Mr. Worf, what are the marks on his face?
        • Mr Worf was keeped in a larger Dog cage for a little bet the owner before me did not have room for him and it was breeding season and keep ramming the cage and he nose would get caught in the bars be he is better now!!!!! sorry i do not get here that much just droped by
          • Have they added something to my tea? Is that iggie wearing a football helmet?? If so, what team does he play for? I wonder if I can find a helmet for the beardies?? Too cool!!!
            • Hi Angela no that is Just him LOL!!!!!! hes just a little guy
              but hes my little guy LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! helmet LOL!!!!!:D
              • that from the angle that you have the picture, it looks like a football helment on Miss Quazi. Maybe someone spiked my tea.
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