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Picture Posting Tutorial

Okay this is how I like to post pictures here on ReptileForums.com

First thing is register for an account at www.PhotoBucket.com. Once you have done this, find the picture you want to upload to photobucket.com, you can browse your files as shown below.

Once you have found the picture you want, highlight it and select "Open" as illustrated below:

You will then want to click submit. See Below.

After the picture uploads you will see your picture with 3 little boxes containing text underneath. Two are important. The first one, circled in red, is the direct URL to the picture. The second, circled in blue, is a direct URL to the photo but using IMG tags. For this we will use the first, circled in red.

You will want to highlight the text in the first box by left clicking on it. You will then want to right click and select copy as illustrated.

Then go into the text box for your post and click the little picture icon.

It will pop up a little box, you will want to paste the copied URL from photobucket right into that box.

After you enter your text, just simply click submit.

Posting pictures this way will enable them to come up in your posts as shown below.
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