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R.i.P. musashi

We didn't notice that our oil tank was almost empty and the other night we ran out of oil and it had just snok the day befor.I was really late at night pass 12:00 am when this happen. I woke up because I felt the temperature was extremly cold. I ran to my herp. room and started wrapping all of my tank with towels to keep the temp. in the tank and that didn't work. the temperature kept dropping. So I took them all out an put them in plastic container put them all in one tank and placed all the heating lamps on top and wrap the sides with towels.But this wasen't enough.So my husbend went to a 24 hr walmart that is 1/3 hr. away and brougth an portable electric heater.But it was to late when he came home. Temperature out side was 13F and the tank only reached 65F.All of my other herp. lived exept him.I feel so depress.I could have prevented this but I guess I was up in the clouds thinking in all the problems that had been surroundings my life.But that is no excuse. I could have done so much more but I just didn't know what else to do.I had just shed a week ago and I never had the chanse to take a photo of him. He was 10 month's old.But I only had him for 4 month.A coworker used to own him but she didn't want him any more.He was a beautiful sinaloan milk snake, I will never forget you. :(
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