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Hi everyone,

My name is Justin and i wanted to try reintroducing myself to the forume.

Last round quite a few made bad impressions, all over a freaken moniter.

I am here because I love animals, and most of all want a place where I can

come with my questions about reptiles, without being treated like I have no

clue about what it is I might be getting my self into!

Moving on, To all that might rember the kid with bad grammer and a fast

growing Black Throut , as well as a ton of questions about it. I will do my

best to be half litaret. Won't garenty proper puncueation!!!

I now have,

2 Red tails m&f both 7ft'
5 Balls size&morph veries
8 Bearded Dragons,
2 of them m&f 2yr',
4 of them 12-18 mounths 3f&1m,
2 of them 3-6 mounths
1 Argentine red Tagu 5 mounths
1 Savanna moniter 9 mounths

No more blackthrout, I found out fast he was suverly mistreaded and underfeed. We had a grate time together for all 9 mounthes I had him.
We took him to a Vet and got a guestamated age to be 3yrs. He hit a huge growth spurt while i had him and is now a wopping 12lbs and 41 inches, and i got him at 23in. One of my friends got a female 2 mounths ago, shes 47in. roughly 3yrs and now soon to be bread with mine. We made them a room of their own at his place. All and All their super happy leash trained and now show animals in a few schools in my area. :-) Working on aclamation now and i say no forume expresses what you see them do infrount of you, their so aggressive like a volitile relationship.
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