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Sexing Sulcata Hatchlings

From what I understand it's impossible to sex hatchlings, but my 3.5 inch has a dent in his plautron, and the Vet believes it's a male also. The two inner "spikes" underneathe the head are noticeably bigger than the outer "spikes". Hopefully whoever is reading this understands what I meant by spikes, lol.

My new, 2 inch hatchling has no such dent. Its "stomach" looks a lot different than the bigger one. And his "spikes" look even in size. Could it be I have a male AND female or am I reading too much into them?

P.S. I'm also having trouble giving the bigger one his antibiotics orally. Vet just told me, "Good luck getting him to drink them." I'm thinking about getting a sryinge with needle, and getting the needle in his mouth and pumping in the meds. Any suggestions?
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