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shipping of bearded dragons

i have a bunch of babies that i will be shipping to people. can someone tell me how to pack them so they will arrive safely. i will be sending them overnight mail, but am not sure how to pack.
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    • i've never shipped them before, but when i got mine it was in a deli cup with air holes and the deli cup was full uf shredded newspaper the cup was in a shiping box surrounded by crumbled newspaper
      • Make sure that you start with a good sturdy shipping box lined with Styrofoam.

        Then add your dragon in an appropriate sized deli cup with drilled holes.

        tape the Deli cup ti the inside of the box so it cant slide around.

        Add shedded paper and your done!


        You may also want to include a good care sheet for your new beardie owners!

        If you have any other questions just ask!

        • I realize that some are in remote areas and shipping might be the only way , but I have an open door policy on beardies , when ever I see one that needs a good home , regardless of the price , I will be happy to add him or her to the bunch here , As long as they are within driving distance .... This limits the # I can take in , (sort of) as well as insures that none of these guys ever has to be packed in the dark with no clue that they are soon to have their fate in the hands of those that are employed at the USPS .....
          Folks , these guys cant even seem to get me a magazine without having the cover folded over on itself or an ebay item without having some of the contents rip out the side of the packaging etc..... Dont these guys even tale the lives of other postal employees every now and then ????
          I was just joking a bit , but do wish that folks would only ship these guys , when there is no better soloution because it has to be stressful on them , and maybe you guys could in the future, persue local homes a bit more b4 choosing to ship them ......
          I have a few that freak for a second if you just raise the lid of their enclosures , I can imagine them in a box , with no lights , being sorted and run up the conveyor belt !!

          ciao 4 now

        • I ship mine in styros when it is cold but this time of the year I use cardboard boxes

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