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Sick leopard lizard... please help

my leopard lizard has become ill over the past few months, and upon taking him to a vet I wasn't given a very positive prognosis. He is increadibly lethargic, not eating, dehydrated, and most recently he has developed a large sore around his entire vent area. I was given antibiotics and extra calcium supplements to try and heal him internally, and a cream to help his external ailment, which I put on with a q-tip after i soak him in warm water to try and keep the area clean. I also placed a towel in his cage to create a barrier between him and the substrate so that it will not stick to and/or irritate the infected area, aswell as wrapping the tank sides with aluminium foil to try and raise the temperature even more. I have been using a droplet to give him water aswell, since he does not appear to be drinking. The vet didn't really tell me much about what was wrong with him.. just that it "appeared to be intestinal parasites" but that didn't seem very certain. Could you please help quickly... anyone who know's about lepard lizards? Thank you soooo much!
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