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Swollen Cloaca, Pit Jani Juvie/Baby?

I'm not 100% sure if I should be worried, after a minute or so of handling my Jani (Not 100% of age, he's possibly a foot long, as thick as my baby finger, feeding on fuzzy mice) I noticed his cloaca being slightly swollen, but not red/inflamed. I heard it could be multiple things, (A stone in the vent, parasites, or infection.) Or something as simple as he was ready to drop waste as a bodily function OR defense. When should it be worry some?

Temperature: Between 71-75 during day, high-mid 60's at night (Potentially, it's the temperature in my room, the thermometers in other cages point these out. However! It is a wooden cage, the ones with thermometers are glass)
Humidity: Unknown, just a soakbowl.

I might also add he's eating very well, he was unfamiliar at the live rat pinky (opposed to frozen mice he was only familiar with) the first week, which he stricken multiple times before actually eating the second week he stricken the feeding tongs, rather then thawedb mouse, but once left alone, ate fairly quickly.

He also is fairly unfamiliar with being handled, the only other times I've 'Handled' him in three weeks was two times to the feeding tub and back to his enclosure (Each).
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