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thinking about a Blue tongued skink

Basically, I am a college student experiencing herp withdrawal.
I have been entertaining the idea of getting some sort of 4-legged companion for quite some time, and after doing some research, a blue tongued skink has seemed the best option so far.

However, I am hesitant that "the best option" may not be good enough. As much as I would love to have a skink, or any other pet, I have a grasp of the realities of potential difficulties in doing so. So what I'm asking for is a reality check. Could I care for a skink?

My main draw to the BTS is their hardiness and diet. I could easily acquire fresh produce/meats/(catfood?) to feed it regularly. I already have a 30-ish gallon tank with sturdy lid and clamps, and hood light from my past leopard gecko years.

My main concerns are veterinary care and transportation, and this is where I need a reality check. On a college campus, without a car, I obviously do not have ready access to a vet. If I was desperate, I could probably make a connection with a professor in my dept (Wildlife conservation), but that's a big if. Also, I live 6 hours away from the university I attend, and take a bus or train home and back for breaks- I would need to somehow carry the skink with me each of these times, in varying temperatures.

Opinions/help? Other options for a college-friendly herp friend also appreciated!
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