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Update on Emma and Max!!

Hey all....just wanted to let you know that Emma and Max are doing better. Emma-the one with no tounge....I caught her drinking out of her water dish this morning, and then again this evening. She has learned to stalk her prey in the cage...she had a cricket in her mouth! I still hand feed her though so I know that she is getting the correct amount of food.
Max is happy I added some more plants to his cage...I have been misting him with really warm water lightly and he loves it. He even lifts his tail for me to spray under there. I've managed to hand tame him and he will eat from my hand now too. I'm so happy they trust me. Its unfortunate when you have people who own reptiles and don't care for them properly. Some people are to lazy to research things. Anyway I wanted to thank everyone who has helped me with info and such.....just know that you all had a hand in making Emma and Max healthy and happier. :) :)
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