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    • WOW did he ever dite before he is so cool how long did u have him?
      • I like the girl....lol :p ..............but yeah the tegu is pretty cool too :D

        i agree the girls nice :p jk. but what type of tegu is it? what does it eat? how big does it get? what kind of incloser do you need? and how much are they?where can you buy them?
        • Rollin, your vids are awesome :D Its great to see a bigger teg in action - a taster of whats to come for my guy

          Can I answer some questions? I hope I get them right - I love talking about tegus :)

          "My God What Type Of Tegu Is He??"
          Argentine black and white (or red?)

          "Oooo. I'm thinking fo getting a moniter lizard. Correct me you must, but i assume that is what tegu is"
          Not monitors, but teiids - they look similar, but are new world lizards. They can lose their tails, unlike monitors.

          what does it eat?
          how big does it get?
          Males - up to about 4.5 foot, females up to about 3.5 foot. Big but not as domineering as some monitors ;)

          what kind of incloser do you need?
          at www.agamainternational.com they keep theirs outdoors all year round - theyw ill usually hibernate underground for several months of the year. Indoors - 8'x3'x3' is the best, though if you allow a lot of roaming outside the cage and deep substrate for digging then you could get away with a 6'x3'x3' Bigger is always better ;)

          Come back Rollin! We need more pics and chat!
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