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Want to Make a Custom Turtle Platform

I want to make a custom platform for my painted turtle so that I can keep it it my 150 gallon aquarium. What I plan to do is make a platform that sets on one of the sections on the top of the tank. It would have a ramp on it that goes down into the water so the turtle can climb out and have a wire mesh lid so thet there is good ventalation and the turtle can get good heat and light.

The only problem is I'm not exactly sure how to make it. I know how I want to build it but not how to go about doing so. I'm. Thinking I'm going to make a fram for it out of angle iron and coat it with some sort of paint that would be safe to use with the animals. Then I would put two plexiglass sides in it so I can see the turtle and maybe have the sides, bottom, and ramp made out of sheet metal coated with the same paint and covered with gravel that's glued to it so the turtle can move around easy.

What do you guys think about this idea? I think it would work provided there are no sharp edges ans the paint is safe for my pets.
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