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What do baby lizards eat?

I have a lizard that I am unable to identify, and would like to know what he is. I dont know how to post a picture on here, so if anyone could help. It is about 1" long (quite a little baby) with a very faint orange-yellow dot on top of his head. The skin under his throat has a blue hue to it. Does anyone know what it is? I live in the San Diego County area. Also what can I feed him, I dont know what something so tiny could eat. PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks
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    • If you live in San Diego it is most likely a Sceloperus species (Western fence lizard also known as blue belly fence lizard). You can feed it pinhead crickets but to be honest, without seeing a clear photo of the animal I cannot tell you for sure what it is and it would be much more kind to simply let it go.

      For instructions on how to post pictures, you can either go to the "Newbies Guide" forum here or there are several sticky threads on many of our forums that give detailed instructions on how to post pics.

      And by the way, welcome to the forums. :)
    • You can go to a pet store and buy a container of baby crickets that are especially for small lizards. I think these are better than mealworms because it allows the lizard to hunt for his food so they will get feel of wild. Some time it depends on what kind of lizard it is for example "Green iguanas" DO NOT eat any kind of protein.
      Michael Smith
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