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What lizard should i get?

I recently recieved a 10 gal. tank from a friend and i want to put a lizrd in it and to be honest i have no knowledge on lizards. But I want to put a lizard that wont outgrow the tank and wont be extremely hard to care for. I already have some animals that are kind of hard to care for and now I just want a nice easy pet lizard. please send me suggestions.
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    • Well they're not very exciting compared with some others but I started with a 10gal and 1 house gecko. Of course she is very fertile so I had to move up pretty quick. Hope this helps. Let us know what you finally decide on.

      L8R~ Spindlehead
      • Bearded Dragon .... Proberly one of the easiest lizards to look after ....but you will have to upgrade the tank to at least a 55 gal when the Bearded Dragon gets bigger :)
        • I'm no lizard expert but I say leopard gecko!
          • a pair off anoles will be okay for that size but no more than 2 & dont get 2 males
            • Komodo Dragons:D

              oops i ment bearded dragon they are nice and easy good for starters.
              • Leopard Geckos are definatly the best lizards to get!!
                • I would take a vote on beardies being the best lizard:p but for a tank that small you wont get a lizard larger than a leopard gecko. What are the tank dimensions? - a leopard gecko should be fine in a 10g for its whole life, though something a little larger would be more favourable. Or as someone else suggested anoles. Leopard geckos have to be the easiest lizard to keep, though none are EASY to look after! Let us know what you decide:) -my best advice would have to be, get a lizard that you want.You shouldnt just get a lizard because you have a tank that is suitable for it, you should get one because you really want that lizard.
                  Or have you thought of snakes??

                  • Bearded Dragon hands down!
                    • Bearded Dragon!!!! I'm addicted and I've only had mine for 2 days!!

                      • Get a baby Bearded Dragon

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